Snarkey & Putts I: The Case of the Undead Arbitrator


The Case of the Undead Arbitrator Cover
The Case of the Undead Arbitrator

The Case of the Undead Arbitrator launches the career of that mismatched pair of legal beagles, Snarkey & Putts, Paranormal Attorneys-At-Law. On the eve of deciding between the rival claims of the elderly Menninger sisters on their wealthy father’s estate, the even more elderly arbitrator assigned to the case suddenly dies without leaving any hint of his decision. Jack Snarkey, the oiliest lawyer who ever greased the bar, has no intention of doing the arbitration all over again. He forces his bumbling, hapless, overweight associate attorney, R. Andrew Putts, III, Esq., to join in a scheme to take advantage of the Menningers’ mutual belief in spiritualism. Conniving with opposing counsel, who doesn’t want to do any more work, either, they arrange a fake séance, ostensibly to contact old Morton Menninger’s ghost, but in reality intended to let the lawyers divide his estate and pay themselves their fees. But Putts turns out to possess unsuspected and surprising psychic abilities that get out of control under the stress of the séance, letting all hell break loose… literally.

Snarkey & Putts, Paranormal Attorneys-At-Law: Book I: The Case of the Undead Arbitrator, a novelette-length adventure, is available in Kindle eBook and paperback editions. It introduces the dastardly, domineering, smooth-as-silk but tough-as-sharkskin Snarkey and the much-abused, frequently short-changed, good-natured, go-along-to-get-along Putts. It sets the stage for their further, full-length adventures in The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter and The Case of the Canine’s Curse and who knows how many others. Give them a try. You’ll laugh your head off.


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