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New Things

I’ve been neglecting this blog. I know… I know… I’ll try to be more consistent. I really will try, but you’ll just have to live with me as I am.

Anyway, I’ve posted two new free stories since I last blogged: Friendship, a tale about my Dad, his friends and food, and Raiders of the Lost Docs, based on a real incident in my life as a litigator. For some reason, I can’t insert links today. While I’m figuring out the problem, you can use the scroll-down menus to find the stories.

Last, you should check out my YouTube channel at


and my latest Snarkey & Putts video at

Well, at least I can insert videos.




By Way of Introduction

Joe Eliseon looks over glasses
Joe Eliseon

I’m Joe Eliseon, as the tagline says, author, attorney and humorist. I’m also the owner, operator and sole proprietor of this website, the purpose of which is to inform, encourage, empower, enlighten, enliven and enable you, something I accomplish mainly by getting you to buy my books. Reading them would be nice, too. I recommend it.

This blog is in the start-up phase, but I’ll be adding free Stories and links to my Books on their respective pages shortly. Of course, I’ll be adding new posts, too. Check back often. As someone once said, “Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.” Welcome aboard.