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The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter
The Ghastly Ghostwriter

O.K., so I didn’t get back in a week. I’ve been busy getting the second of my Snarkey & Putts stories ready for publication (self-publication, that is). This time, the boys rate a full-length novel. The title is The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter. I’m not going to tell you any more about it for the nonce, but you might like to see the latest version of the cover. (See left.)  It’s not quite finalized, but it’s very close.

The artist is Angel Nichols, who did the cover of The Case of the Undead Arbitrator. Angel is a breeze to work with, very talented and reasonably priced. If Ghastly Ghostwriter sells, I may be able to afford to have her work on the cover art for the third Snarkey & Putts story.

But to get back to the topic of this post, here is my reading of the second excerpt from The Case of the Undead Arbitrator.

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That’s all for now. Back soon.