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The Seamless Web: A Legal Comedy

The Seamless Web: A Legal Comedy
The Seamless Web

It’s the 1980s, the decade of greed. Young Pete Roselli, toiling away in the bowels of a huge Park Avenue law firm, finds himself called into the office of the firm’s tyrannical senior partner, the irascible Jack. Jack orders poor Pete to come up with a winning legal argument for an important client in an impossible case… or else.

Pete retreats to his closet-sized office and labors long into the night, sweating over his PC, popping antacids and guzzling soda pop. But no matter how much he researches, no matter how he racks his brain, he can’t find a single legal precedent or theory to help Jack’s client or himself.

On the verge of panic, Pete spills a can of soda on his PC’s keyboard. In the flash of a short circuit, he accidentally gains access to the new – and poorly protected – computerized legal research database. Pete has suddenly reached the holy grail of lawyerdom. He discovers he can write his own legal decisions! Pete can write his own law!

Will Pete cling to his legal ethics and turn away? Or will he succumb to every lawyer’s ultimate temptation and lay his filthy paws on the pure body of the Law?

The only way to find out is to take a deep breath, shell out your hard-earned cash, and read The Seamless Web.

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D.P.W.: A Devilish Political Fantasy

D.P.W. A Devilish Political Fantasy
D.P.W. A Devilish Political Fantasy

“Affluent citizen in distress. Affluent citizen in distress. Elmo, where the hell are you?” The wipers strained to push the thick, wet snow across the truck’s windshield. “I think we got a live one here. *** I can spot ’em a mile away. This guy’s good for a fifty, at least.”

John Kaboshiwicz is a public employee, a snowplow driver working for the Department of Public Works, the D.P.W. Sure, John’s into nickel-and-dime corruption. You can grease his palm and he’ll deliver public services – a plowed driveway, an unclogged sewer pipe – directly to you in the express lane, no waiting. But what’s the harm? He’s just a poor slob trying to keep everyone happy and pick up an extra buck here and there.

Until, one dark day, John receives a letter from the local U.S. Attorney, naming him as a target in a federal investigation into municipal corruption. At first, John’s shocked, terrified. But then, he’s indignant, infuriated. What right do the feds have to pick on a small-timer like him when the big guys get away scot-free?!

John resolves to become a big guy, the biggest thief in the city, so he can get the money and power he needs to beat the rap. How will he do it? How far will he go? What untapped powers will he unleash?

You’ll only get answers when you jump aboard John’s band-wagon and follow his wild, mile-a-minute joyride through the American political system. Hitch your wagon to John’s rising political star and read D.P.W.

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Snarkey & Putts, Paranormal Attorneys-At-Law: Book I: The Case of the Undead Arbitrator

The Case of the Undead Arbitrator Cover
The Case of the Undead Arbitrator

This introductory novelette kicks off the adventures of the bumbling, threadbare R. Andrew Putts, Esq. and his smooth-talking, conniving shyster colleague, Jack Snarkey. The pair has spent time and money Putts can’t afford on an arbitration case, only to have the elderly arbitrator die before he renders a decision. Putts fears personal bankruptcy, but Snarkey’s got a plan: stage a fake séance for their gullible, old lady clients, have the spirit of their deceased father settle their argument over his estate, and, for good measure, have him order them to pay their lawyers’ fee. It’s genius. Until the lights go down and Putts’ latent paranormal powers unexpectedly shine forth. It’s a madcap negotiation with the next world when Snarkey & Putts handle The Case of the Undead Arbitrator.

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Snarkey & Putts, Paranormal Attorneys-at-Law II: The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter

The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter Cover
The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter

Putts’ latest clients are the members of a cozy mystery writers’ group called the “No-Talent Dames,” a bunch of well-heeled old biddies who spend most of their time churning out words and listening to guest lecturers at their fancy, catered luncheons. But the girls are up in arms. Someone is stealing their story ideas right out of their heads. Damn the fact that copyright law doesn’t protect mere ideas, they want Putts to do something about it. But what can our hapless paranormal attorney do? He can contact his long-dead law professor mentor, formerly a world-class expert on copyright, that’s what! Look for the legal exceptions when Putts crosses copyright with E.S.P. and runs into a malevolent and deadly spectrum concretus in The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter.

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Snarkey & Putts, Paranormal Attorneys-at-Law III: The Case of the Canine’s Curse

The Case of the Canine's Curse Cover
The Case of the Canine’s Curse

Snarkey wines and dines a new, prospective client, a fabulously wealthy and ruthless real estate developer whose secret of success lies in the fact that an old gypsy curse has turned him into a werewolf. But something’s out-of-kilter and Putts can only unravel the twisted secret by venturing into the disorienting Hinter World, a reality half-a-step away from ours. The doctrine of eminent domain collides with lycanthropy when Snarkey and Putts charge premium rates to take up The Case of the Canine’s Curse.

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Snarkey & Putts IV: The Case of the Unchained Immigrant

Snarkey & Putts 4 Cover
The  Case of the Unchained Immigrant

Snarkey’s main squeeze, Olivia Chin, Ph.D., biologist and entrepreneur, challenges the lawyer’s manhood when her medical testing start-up’s success leaves her making more money than he does. Snarkey contemplates dumping her to save his ego but, as Putts points out, she’s not only his girlfriend, she’s become one of the firm’s biggest clients. Yet, the legal beagles must put Snarkey’s romantic problems aside when Olivia’s silent partner, Dr. Arapura, retains them to defend him in a potential malpractice case with murderous overtones, overtones which implicate the doctor in a scheme to sponsor anxious immigrants under defective visas that compel them to work as near-slave labor in his franchised doughnut shops. But the doctor has unwittingly brought something else into the country, an illegal immigrant demon with an appetite for human flesh. Can Snarkey & Putts revoke the monster’s visa and seal our sacred national borders? Find out when the intrepid legal pair defend The Case of the Unchained Immigrant.

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Mr. Lake

Mr. Lake
Mr. Lake – An Arthurian Fantasy?

Mr. Lake is an excursion into the mind of a young boy growing up in the 1960s, mingling fantasy and reality. Sixth-grader Joe Marino accidentally breaks the windshield on a car belonging to his school’s janitor, the reclusive Mr. Lake. While Joe works off his debt by raking the old man’s lawn, Joe’s dog has a run-in with Mr. Lake’s funny-looking cat. Joe’s best friend, Billy, blows the incident out of proportion, convincing Joe and the neighborhood bully, Larry, that Mr. Lake is hiding something devilish in his run-down cottage. As dusk settles, the three boys sneak a peek though Lake’s window. What they see, or don’t see, sets the dominoes falling and sweeps the boys into an Arthurian fantasy that weaves in and out of their real-world encounters with a gang of local toughs. Who’s going to get his head busted? It all depends on what you see when you look at Mr. Lake.

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