Snarkey & Putts III: The Case of the Canine’s Curse


The Case of the Canine's Curse Cover
The Case of the Canine’s Curse

Stand by for rip-snorting fun and fang-dripping danger when that odd couple of the bar, Snarkey & Putts, Paranormal Attorneys-at-Law, represent a mad, lycanthropic real estate developer who’s determined to bulldoze the Menninger sisters’ ancestral neighborhood. One client against another? Attorney conflict of interest? You better believe it! But that’s not the only conflict in Snarkey & Putts III: The Case of the Canine’s Curse. (Buy it here.)

Putts swallows hard and, armed with a mound of legal precedent, stands up to Snarkey, who wants to ditch their old lady clients to clear the firm’s path to even bigger money. Snarkey goes ballistic, but not nearly as ballistic as their client, who kidnaps the firm’s curvaceous but annoying paralegal and leaves Snarkey with a nip in the neck.

Can Putts rescue their paralegal, solve the riddle of an ancient gypsy curse and cure Snarkey before the next full moon? Does he even want to? There’s nail-biting suspense and howling hilarity in The Case of the Canine’s Curse! Sink your fangs into it now.

Case of the Canine's Curse Cover

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And, don’t forget to do your background research into Snarkey & Putts’ earlier precedents, Snarkey & Putts I: The Case of the Undead Arbitrator and Snarkey & Putts II: The Case of the Ghastly Ghostwriter.

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