The Seamless Web: A Legal Comedy

The Seamless Web: A Legal Comedy
The Seamless Web

“Roselli!” The voice screeched over the receiver like a drill press biting into a block of steel. “Can’t you ever answer your phone on the first ring?”

It’s the ’80s in a Park Avenue law firm…
Young, bright, ambitious, Pete Roselli cringes on the telephone when he hears the voice of Jack Berman, senior partner in charge of professional life and death. Jack can make you or break you and he wants Pete to come up with a winning argument for a client who’s clearly in the wrong or kiss his legal career goodbye. Long into the night, Pete searches the computer databases, but no law supports Jack. Pete is panicking when…

The incredible happens… In the ’80s, computerized legal research is new, security lax, encryption not even invented. Accidentally, Pete gains access to the database. Suddenly, he can input his own cases. He can write his own law! But wait! For Pete, the law has always given him and the entire legal profession whatever dignity they had. Does he dare twist it out of shape to serve his own selfish purposes? Well, it is the ’80s, the decade of greed and…

Pete’s legal ethics fly out the window… Pete tells himself he’ll only do it once, just to survive. But when his phony legal research wins the case, he suddenly goes from whipping boy to boy wonder. Now he’s a rising star at the firm, but he owes it all to his legal research counterfeiting skills. He’s trapped and his life spins out of control. Can he find a way out? Can he mend the holes he’s torn in the law’s Seamless Web?

For far less than it costs to get your lawyer to open his briefcase… Laugh at the whole legal profession as Pete dodges through the maze of law firm politics, courtroom shenanigans, partnership plotting and support staff scheming. Whether you love or hate lawyers, for less than the cost of courthouse parking, you can get the hilarious compensation you deserve, along with a healthy dose of romance, mystery, skulduggery and just a touch of fantasy. What are you waiting for? A judicial order?

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