Five Minutes More and Other Stories

Five Minutes More and Other Stories Cover
Five Minutes More and Other Stories

Some of my first efforts are here, ranging from novelette to flash fiction size – a half dozen in all.

Five Minutes More – A young lawyer encounters a gorgeous ghost haunting his law firm’s new offices; at least he thinks she’s a ghost. I’ve been trying to write a story about a haunted law firm lo these many years; something always goes awry. This is the closest I’ve come.

The New God – An ordinary guy applies for a position as a god, but has trouble finding the right sponsor. A little knowledge of Norse mythology helps in understanding this story. Thanks to the Marvel Universe movies, such knowledge is not as uncommon as it used to be.

The Three Pillars – My re-telling of an ancient pagan myth about the fiery foundation of an ancient island kingdom. Don’t get your Celtic hopes up. It’s a Mediterranean island and the gods are Greek and Roman. 

The Dog’s Tale – Why the war between dogs and cats persists to this day. An earthy, Sicilian folktale my grandfather relished telling us kids.

The Transporter – An engineering genius, driven to the brink of a mental breakdown by his recent divorce, despairs that his breakthrough technology destroys men’s souls, degrading them little by little, beginning with his own. I didn’t think I had this one in me.

The Truth – A little fable about an old man, a young one, and how one grasps the truth. No kidding.

It’s the best introduction to the mind of Joe Eliseon, at the embarrassingly low bargain price of $0.99. At this level of authorial self-abasement,  you can’t afford to pass up Five Minutes More And Other Stories.

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